Surviving Life (FREE ALBUM)

by The Rising Sun Quest

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The Second Solo release but the First full length album from Quest. Though Stellar evolution was a great project the "Surviving Life" album was the true Beginning of Who The Rising Sun Quest is Today.


released January 1, 2004



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Track Name: My Vibe
Title: My Vibe
Written by: Quest
Album: Surviving Life

I paint a vivid picture in your mind, touch your heart at the same time with the same rhyme, they say I'm an Emcee of a different kind, and I agree because my mind lives in a different time. Its not restricted by the limits of this new design, I'm making music but I always keep the truth in mine, cause this is HIP HOP!! Never will I compromise, to be successful and carry out a constant lie, life's too stressful to live it in a damn disguise, skies the limit so I always keep my head up high. I'm not kidding I'm still living and I'm quite surprised so many people die by the age of 25, or they do 25 years until the day they die, They never get a chance to look into their children's eyes, and that can kill your pride. I just speak on what most people feel inside, put it in my music and hope that you can feel my vibe.

Chorus: 2X
If you're hearing this beat and you feel it inside
You hearing these words that describe both of our lives
We're from the same world, and your part of my vibe,
We're from the same world, and your part of my vibe.

My vision is something that's been given, to me to help me see beyond what's being written in the pages of time. Allowing me to read ahead so I don't stumble my lines, my destiny is my own, I don't follow no signs. I'll be damned If I live life as a man with no spine, I hold my own in this world full of chaos and crime. While so many other people live their lives with their eyes closed and clutter up the streets like a truck with a wide load. I'm just trying to get by, this congestion is a mess, I guess I can say each confrontation is a different lesson. Some leave a big impression some ain't even worth remembering, but you can learn from every situation that you get in. Just be aware that in your heart you got the strongest weapon and, you don't have to be religious to receive a blessing. Just keep on stepping, left right left, and be sure your headed in the right direction when you move on.

You and I are like a slice of the same pie, walking the same road, trying to survive, as the days fly by like the birds when the winter came by, I'm steady observing life with a trained eye. I never lose focus, I'm still the same guy, no way I'm going to break this close to game time. Theirs a fire in my eyes you can see the flames high and I'm going to keep on bringing it until the flame dies. If you're feeling my vibe then we're on the same side, underneath the same black cloud in the same sky. I express what I feel because I know your feeling it too. That's the definition of an Emcee keeping it true. Phat lyrics come just like the heat when in June, phat beats only help me to keep them in tune. Just consume this, its part of a movement. You and I, yea son common let's do this.